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VasaiCity Live CommUnity

VasaiCity Live CommUnity a free-access social networking zone that is operated and privately owned by


What is a VasaiCity Yeh’Lo Pages Account and what are the benefits?

Yeh’Lo Pages lets you connect to the by using a single email account and password. With a single confidential and secured subscription, Yeh’Lo Pages makes it possible for you to Add your business, give your opinion on your favorite businesses, share your reviews and securely edit your personal information.

What are the charges for listing business on VasaiCity Yeh’Lo Pages ?

The Welcome Package – ‘STANDARD’ is absolutely FREE. We also offer Deluxe, Premium & Life Member Packages at amazing prices. These packages offer additional features that the business could use. Membership charges are subject to revision and are at the discretion of the

How often is VasaiCity Yeh’Lo Pages Updated ? yeh’lo pages is driven by you – the member. All business data provided by you are moderated on a regular basis.

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Shyam Sunder Bhattacharjee


shyam sunder bhattacharjee

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Shyam Sunder Bhattacharjee


With over 25 Years of rich experience, he is a highly valued strategic partner at the top management levels.

Mrs. Jyoti Bhattacharjee


Jyoti analyzes and improves the organizational process, actions to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

Ms. Kiran Bhattacharjee


Kiran manages all marketing campaigns and marketing strategies to reach new customers.