Baleen whale carcass washed up on a vasai beach

Baleen whale carcass washed up on a vasai beach

On Tuesday morning, the carcass of a baleen whale washed up on a beach in Vasai.

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The whale may have been damaged in a hit by a vessel—boat or ship—a few hours ago and washed ashore dead, according to fishermen at Mardes beach who found the carcass, which measures roughly 35 feet long and weighs over 30 tonnes.

When the fisherman discovered the carcass, it had not decayed.

After being notified about the carcass, forest officers arrived on the scene. While the cadaver was buried on the shore, tissues were transported for forensic analysis.

People from Vasai raced to the beach, despite it being a remote beach, as word of the whale carcass washing ashore spread.

Whale and shark carcasses have washed up on the shores of the Palghar district in the past. In July 2019, the extremely decomposed body of a 40-foot whale washed up on a Palghar beach.

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