Tortured, parents and siblings offer Rs 2.5 lakh, get Vasai Man Murdered

Tortured, parents and siblings offer Rs 2.5 lakh, get Vasai Man Murdered

Tired of his “physical torture”, the parents, siblings and brother-in-law of a 24-year-old Vasai man allegedly got him murdered by contract killers after paying Rs 1.5 lakh of a Rs 2.5 lakh supari.

Valiv police told TOI that two weeks back, Rohit Choudhary, a bus driver with a private Vasai firm, had scalded his mother’s hands with a hot iron rod. A month ago, he beat up his father Lalchand (45) and threatened his elder brother and sister that he would not give them a share in the family property. All his family members, barring his brother, have been arrested.

Vasai murder: Man says his son drank and was a nuisance

Rohit Choudhary’s body was found in a quarry filled with rainwater at Boidapada in Vasai (East) around 6pm on Wednesday with injury marks on his neck and face. The previous day, his 43-year-old mother had filed a missing person complaint with Valiv police. Rohit lived with his parents, wife and a two-month-old son at Boidapada.

Police discovered the contract killing after examining the cellphone records of the family members. Rohit’s killers, who are from Basti district in UP, are on the run.

Investigations revealed that Rohit’s father, who owns and operates a water tanker, had offered to pay Rs 2.5 lakh to four contract killers to murder his son. The killers were introduced to Lalchand by his elder son who lives in UP. Rohit’s mother and elder sister and brother-inlaw, who live in the vicinity, were all part of the murder conspiracy, said Valiv inspector Bharat Jadhav. Rohit’s wife was not aware of the plan.

Cops were told that Rohit went missing around 9.30pm on Monday after parking his bus outside the company in Fatherwadi. Cops reportedly learned that Rohit’s brother-in-law took him for a drink to an isolated spot where the killers were waiting for him. They stabbed him with a knife and threw his body in the quarry. They fled to their hometown the next day.

Lalchand told cops that Rohit was a nuisance to the family. He would come home drunk and bash up his parents. The family hatched the plan after Rohit scalded his mother’s hands on being asked for a reason for the constant abuse. Neighbours too, told police that Rohit tortured his parents.

The killers arrived in Vasai 10 days before the murder. An amount of Rs 1.5 lakh was first transferred into the bank account of one of them by the brother-in-law. The balance was to be paid after a month, by which time they hoped the case would be forgotten. Police said the killers, who were put up in a nearby hotel, tracked Rohit’s movement with the help of his brother-in-law. Soon after the killing, his mother approached cops with a missing complaint. The accused have been booked under Indian Penal Code sections 302 for murder and 201 for causing disappearance of the evidence of offence. They have been remanded in police custody for a week. Cops said a manhunt is launched for the killers who have a criminal record.

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