Teacher slaps student, ruptures his eardrum

Teacher slaps student, ruptures his eardrum

A Std VIII student of a Nalasopara school ruptured his left eardrum after his teacher allegedly slapped him for not bringing his history textbook to class at 9.30am on February 2. The teacher was arrested and released on bail.
His mother, in her police complaint, stated that he and five classmates were punished and made to stand outside the classroom for not bringing their history textbooks.

As the class was in progress, the boys were reportedly giggling in the corridor. The teacher stepped out and hit two of the boy’s classmates on their palms. She then turned to the boy and slapped him on his ear with her right hand. He experienced pain in the ear and drops of blood were visible, the complaint stated. The teacher then returned to her class as the boys stood outside.

The boy returned home at 12.30pm and narrated the incident to his parents, who took him to an ENT doctor at Bhayander. The doctor stated that the boy had ruptured his left eardrum and put him on medication. He told TOI the boy’s eardrum had ruptured due to the impact of the slap. He said fortunately his audiogram test (softest sounds a person can hear at different frequencies) was normal and his injuries should heal within three weeks. He explained that a hard slap on the ear was enough to rupture the eardrum. The eardrum (tympanic membrane) is the thin, cone-shaped piece of tissue that separates the outer ear from the middle ear. It’s found at the end of the ear canal and is the part that gets waxy.

The boy’s mother said he was in tremendous pain and has refused to attend school after that. His parents, along with residents from his area, approached police on February 5.

The teacher was booked under IPC sections 325 (punishment for voluntarily causing grievous hurt), 323 (punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) and 23 (wrongful gain). She was released on bail by the Vasai sessions court.

Other students punished and hit by the teacher did not complain to police or the school.

The principal did not respond to calls and messages.

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