Hungarian woman’s cleanliness drive in Vasai inspires beach clean-up movement

Hungarian woman’s cleanliness drive in Vasai inspires beach clean-up movement

A picture is worth a thousand words. Well it holds true for several Vasaikars, who after seeing an image of Zsuzsanna Ferrao, a Hungarian cleaning the Rangaon beach along with her husband and children, have decided to snowball the movement and have now launched a drive to rid Vasai beaches of trash.On Sunday, two groups took to Bhuigaon beach, one in the morning and evening collecting around 600 kg of trash. Members have now also set up WhatsApp groups as well as a dedicated ‘Clean Vasai Beaches’ page on Facebook to try and function as one unit for better co-ordination and results.

Physiotherapist and Vasai resident Concesao D’Costa said that while she and her fiance Rodney Colaco had been thinking of initiating a beach clean-up drive along with group of friends, it was the image of Zsuzsanna cleaning the beach that was an inspiration for them.

“On Sunday evening, as many as 50 people got together at Bhuigoan beach to clear out around 500 kg of trash including plastic and Styrofoam plates and liquor bottles,” she said adding that before the drive, she even met Zsuzsanna to discuss future plans.

Meanwhile, Kruti Chauhan, another local, whose group cleaned the Bhuigaon beach on Sunday morning said that she was touched to see the efforts being put in by Zsuzsanna.

“It has struck a chord with so many residents of Vasai that now more people want to do their bit for the beautiful beaches of Vasai,” she said.

Zsuzsanna, who is married to Vasai-based Lisbon Ferrao, said that she was glad that people are joining hands in this initiative.

“We wanted our children to play on the beach but were always worried about the trash, especially the broken liquor bottles. Along with my husband I decided to carry trash bags on our visit to the beaches and started collecting garbage. Someone had to start and now I feel happy that we initiated it as it has helped inspire people,” she said.


Being less frequented, the beaches at Vasai have become a haven for tourists who party and consume alcohol leaving it strewn with trash and liquor bottles

A citizen-initiated clean up drive by locals will help catch the attention of Vasai-Virar Municipal Corporation as well as help them raise objection to the degradation of their beaches

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