Hotel staffer shot at by man claiming to be Suresh Pujari gang member

Hotel staffer shot at by man claiming to be Suresh Pujari gang member

The captain of a fine dining restaurant cum hotel in Nalasopara who was manning the reception counter was shot at by an unidentified person on Sunday afternoon.

The shooter left behind a handwritten note with the name of ‘Gangster Suresh Pujari’ scribbled on it.

The victim Dilip Varma (26) who works as a captain at Galaxy family restaurant, bar and hotel was hit on the chest. One shot was fired at him by the suspect who has been captured on the closed circuit television (CCTV) of the hotel.

The footage shows a man wearing white shirt and cap entering the hotel little after 1 pm. Varma, a resident of Kargil Nagar in Virar (east) is seen at the reception counter.

The suspect is seen putting his hand in his right trouser pocket and waiting near the counter. A few men are seen walking in and out of the hotel.

Varma’s attention goes towards the suspect and he offers to help him. Just when he says in Marathi ‘Bola’ (tell me) the suspect pulls the trigger and leaves behind a white paper using his left hand. The note has Pujari’s name scribbled with blue ink. The suspect is seen running out of the hotel.

The entire 40 seconds footage has been retrieved by the Nalasopara police who suspect that dropping fugitive gangster Pujari’s name may be to mislead them.

Pujari who is believed to be operating from the Middle East has reportedly been threatening and extorting money from builders in Kalyan-Dombivli and Ulhasnagar.

Police is questioning the hotel owners to know if there has been any extortion calls from Pujari or any other gangster

Police are also examining CCTV footages of the vicinity to get information on whether the suspect came on foot or had used a vehicle.

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