On an early march morning in the year 1987, students of St. Augustines High School passed out the 10th Standard with hope in their eyes and dreams in their hearts. Some of the students had been in the school right from the first standard, some joined late while some left early.  However, one thing was common among them – they were the Augustine Boys‘ – best friends forever.   The teens bade farewell to each other – with a promise that they would be in touch, somehow or the other.

The Augustine Boys moved on in life – some shifted abroad exploring opportunities while some chose to be close to home and engaged in their respective job or business.    The youngsters matured as time flew, trying to make a meaningful difference to themselves, the society and the world at large.

Augustine BoysThe young years are the most precious, irreplaceable times of our lives – The Augustine Boys believed they would reunite one day – some day.    Although some friends kept in touch – some being living in the same locality, while some traveling in the same train or bus, while some still met on weekends.   But the common topic of discussion would be the friends they missed and how they could network with others.

Technology proved a blessing here – social networks like Facebook and mobile apps like WhatsApp did the trick.   Gradually long lost mates were discovered and each one helped in reconnecting the other making the group stronger and bigger.    Finally, all of them decided for the big day when these young at heart buddies would meet – 16th December 2017 – almost 30 years after most of them had last met.   A committee was formed to organize the venue, arrange food & transport, organize mini events, music etc.   The com

So calling all friends who are yet to be reunited, the reunion will be held at D’mello Farm as on 16th December 2017.   A bus has been arranged that will be parked at St. Augustine’s High School Gates and will depart from the venue at Sharp 7:30 am.

More on the event with pics and live video will be posted periodically … keep in touch !

Location: Dmello Farm, NH48, Maharashtra 401303.